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Stainless Steel, Stunning Style: Swooning Jewellery's New Collection Has It All

Por swoony team 28 Mar 2023

We're not just jewellery. We're a movement, an attitude, and a way of life. We're all about freedom - the freedom to express yourself, your personality and your individuality without being constrained by fashion rules or trends. So we didn't just want to create jewellery for swooners - we wanted to help them live their life to the full! ♡︎♡︎♡︎︎︎︎︎︎︎

18K gold plated stainless steel jewellery

18k Gold Plating on Stainless Steel

You may be wondering, "What is the difference between 18k gold plating and stainless steel?" Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a lot.

Stainless steel is an extremely durable metal that can be used in a variety of ways; however it does not have any colour or shine to it. This means that if you want your jewellery piece to look like gold or silver then you will need some sort of coating on top of your base metal surface. You can choose between two types of coatings: electroplated or solid cast (solid cast being far more expensive).

Electroplated means that layers of different metals are applied onto one another using electricity as an energy source -this process creates a very thin layer which gives off colour when light hits it at certain angles but remains transparent in others; so basically what happens here is that all those colours we see when looking down into water? That's exactly how our eyes perceive these different layers!

Why is it important to choose a stainless steel as your base metal?

Stainless steel is a very durable, strong and long-lasting material. It will not tarnish or oxidize, meaning it will not change colour over time.

It can withstand harsh conditions better than other metals such as gold or silver that are more susceptible to oxidation from exposure to air or water (and even the moisture in your hands).

The metal that is used to plating jewellery changes the quality and durability.

Stainless steel is a good base metal because it is durable and can withstand harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures and chemicals. It won't tarnish or oxidize like other metals, so your jewellery will look just as good years later as when you first bought it!

18K gold plated stainless steel jewellery

Our jewellery is made from the highest quality materials available so that it can last for many years to come.

The 18k gold plating on stainless steel is the best quality, as it's more durable than other metals. Stainless steel does not tarnish or oxidize over time, which means that your Swooning piece will always look beautiful. It's also extremely scratch-resistant and dent resistant!


We hope you've enjoyed this look into our new collection. If you have any questions about our process, feel free to contact us at

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