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Celebrate This Valentine’s Day with Swooning Jewellery

by swoony team 12 Feb 2023

This Valentine’s Day, treat your special someone to a luxurious and romantic gesture with Swooning Jewellery’s 5 must-have jewellery sets. From adore heart-shaped ear studs to charming love necklace, these pieces have been specially designed with the love season in mind. 

Must-Have #1 – Adore Ear - Studs Pop Heart & Adore Ear Studs - Stripe Heart

Show your love this V-day with our special heart shape ear studs! Made with sterling silver, plated in 18K gold for ultimate sparkle. Don't pick just one color... get both silver and 18k gold to show your love twice as much. 

Must-Have #2 – The Luminous Earring 

Shine brighter than ever this Valentine's Day with these luminous earrings made with pink zircon, sterling silver and 18K gold! Pick your favorite color: silver or gold - either way you'll be the star of the show. 

Must-Have #3 – The Enchanted Ear Studs, Earring and ring Set

Make a statement this Valentine’s Day with our Enchanted Ear Studs and Earring Set! Exquisite freshwater pearls, sterling silver plated in 18K gold, and two color options make the perfect accessory for any special occasion. Looking for something elegant and feminine?

Must-Have #4 – The Blooming Earring and Necklace Set 

This sweet set features delicate blossoms encrusted with dazzling pink zircon and fresh water pearl, elegantly plated in either 18k gold or sterling silver to complete your romantic look! ❤

Must-Have #5 – The Charming Ear Studs and Necklace Set

Haute couture for Valentines Day? We've got it! Our Charming Ear Studs and Necklace Set is perfect for any outfit, with its heart-shaped pink zircon nestled in sterling silver and plated 18k gold. It's the ideal accessory to dazzle this V Day!

We make sure each piece looks even more luminous than ever before. With these exquisite details, adorable designs, and glistening pearls - No matter which selection you choose, your special someone will be sure to feel loved when they receive one of these beautiful gifts! Shop our limited edition sets now before they runs out! 

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